Services (Administrative Support)

FreeAlliance's Administrative Support Professionals specialize in bringing our clients a smarter way to work. Now, more than ever, our government clients have to find better and more innovative ways to reduce costs, eliminate waste, streamline processes, and increase productivity to keep their organizations mission ready. FreeAlliance's Admin professionals allow our clients to reclaim the hours they spend on administrative tasks so that they have more time to focus on the essentials of national security.

Listed below are the Administrative Support Services:

  • Admin staff
  • Data Entry support
  • Scanning and Digitizing

FreeAlliance's Administrative team brings the following benefits to our clients:

  • increase an organization's efficiency and productivity,
  • reduce or eliminate the need to hire, train, manage and terminate administrative employees,
  • utilize key employees for more critical mission accomplishment responsibilities,
  • present a polished, professional image,
  • maintain quality, consistency, accuracy and confidentiality,
  • reduce office space requirements, and
  • minimize contract costs.