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IT environment is always evolving, and thus, IT requires a contractor that is flexible and responsive. Freealliance has been a perfect model in this industry. Our approach is to consistently provide exceptional support to get the issues resolved, and we are dedicated to the team. FreeAlliance provides IT Infrastructure Support services to meet the dynamic needs of your IT department. The company ensures high availability, responsiveness and reliability of the IT infrastructure – delivered in an efficient and cost-effective manner. The main focus areas of our services are:

  • Datacenter Service Management– Includes Physical Management, Access Management, Application/Database/Storage Hosting & Administration and Maintenance
  • System Administration– Includes Administration of Operating System, Middleware Applications, Storage, Servers, VMs
  • System Engineering & Design
  • Network Management– Includes LAN Administration, Wireless Network, Cable Plants, Network Monitoring & Troubleshooting, Network Security & Audit Support
  • Unified Communication, A/V, and Media Services– Includes Telecommunication Specialization, Audio/Video Teleconference Specialization
  • Service Desk– Includes Commodity IT Support Services which cover the following: Troubleshooting Desktop, Computer Hardware & Accessary Support, Technical Refresh, Desktop Engineering (i.e. desktop image lifecycle management), Application Testing & Packaging, Software & Rollouts, Backup and Recovery Services for Desktops and Laptops, and Shared Drive Management & Mobile Device Management