Facility Management


Facility Management

FreeAlliance has a proven track record to perform Construction Quality Management (CQM) services for Federal agencies and private sector clients. Our company has extensive knowledge and expertise in all aspects of Facility Delivery. FreeAlliance provides project formulation, planning through design, construction and fit-out, commissioning, testing, systems migration, occupancy and maintenance. In addition, FreeAlliance offers a widespread range of Facility Management services such as the following:

Reviewing plans and specifications of the renovation project

Providing assistance in tenant improvements planning and design

Providing assistance in Financial Management of agencies that funded tenant improvements costs

Preparing feasibility and engineering studies and alternate design solutions

Preparing construction cost estimates and life-cycle cost or trade-off analysis

Conducting value engineering exercise

Reviewing and evaluating construction cost increases

Reviewing cost proposal for change orders

Developing schedule for DOC responsible design, construction, and relocation activities

Reviewing construction schedule

Analyzing and evaluating construction schedule delay claims